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BodyTalk and Scars

The BodyTalk System is an energy-medicine approach to scar therapy.  By releasing tight connective tissue and traumatic memories stored in the tissue around the scars, BodyTalk produces immediate results.  BodyTalk is effective, safe, and non-surgical.


If you have a herniated disc, migraine, chronic cough, abnormal liver test results, incontinence, constipation, prolapsed bladder and uterus, or throid imbalance, among other conditions, scars could be a causal or contribiting factor.  BodyTalk can help.

Scars have a profound effect on the flow of acupuncture meridians.  Imagine a garden hose.  The water runs straight through the hose, but if you put a kink in the hose, the water will slow to a trickle from this point on.  The same thing can happen with meridians (energy pathways) in the body near and around scars.  When flow through a meridian is interrupted by a scar, nerve supply and circulation above or below the scar, and to all areas governed by that meridian, will become weaker. 


To resume energy flow through an area of dense scar tissue, and therfore nerve supply and blood circulation, BodyTalk uses a technique called "bridging." It's just like removing a kink in a garden hose.


This technique, rooted in traditional acupuncture and manual tissue release work, was further developed by Dr. John Veltheim, founder of BodyTalk, to become a non-invasive and safe therapy, with immediate results. When more energy is flowing to the area, the scar fades, and tenderness and discoloration go away.


Emotional charge around a scar or event of the injury is released using other BodyTalk techniques, such as the Active Memory Technique.  In combination with bridging the scar, the results are especially effective and permanent.  

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