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Do you have Depression? or symptoms of?

Many of my clients write on their intake forms Depression and there's others that don't tell me and look a little sheepish when I ask them if they have tendencies to get depressed. You see I can tell by the links I get in a session. Many people with depression will have some very strong "beliefs" in the sub conscious mind. Things like:

I'm worthless. I'm useless. I'm not worthy to be loved. I don't deserve to be loved. I don't need to love and respect myself. I'm unable to love others. It's unsafe to love others. It's not safe to be loved by others.

All these beliefs are so common. Some clients are aware that they have these beliefs, others are not. You see, we have a conscious mind and a sub-conscious mind. The conscious mind is 5% of what we are aware of and the sub-conscious is a whopping 95%. This is why we often unaware of the beliefs, thoughts and memories that have such a detrimental effect on our minds and bodies. Or we are aware of some thoughts but can't change those thoughts or can't let those thoughts go. The things we are aware of are the "symptoms" of sadness, anxiety, panic attacks, despair, suicide, self harm, hurt, emptiness, worthlessness, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, restlessness, fatigue, insomnia and anything else that goes under the heading of "symptoms of depression." The medical approach is to use anti-depressants and they often work great at masking the symptoms (bandaid effect) but don't treat the "root cause". So the Depression stays running in the background still causing malfunction in the body/mind. By balancing those beliefs and memories sitting in the sub-conscious mind we are going back to the "root cause". What's that saying "we are what we eat" well what about "we are what we think"! We mostly have beliefs behind what we think. Learnt beliefs, learnt from experiences, or learnt from what we have been told. How many times have you been told "your useless"??? Well chances are you believe that "you are useless" because that's what you where told. The BodyTalk System is a fantastic way to balance out these beliefs we have. It allows us to reach deep in side your sub-conscious, pulling out that belief, addressing why it's there, balancing it so it's replaced with a positive side to it, but also linked along with numerous other things in you body that it's effecting. Often links will be to adrenals. Adrenal exhaustion so often goes hand in hand with depression. I had depression but of course had no idea why... Well that was until I starting having BodyTalk sessions. I was very thankful that I came across BodyTalk and after a few sessions my symptoms of depression all went, but not just these symptoms but all my other health symptoms too. They included pain, adrenal exhaustion, allergies, intolerances, nausea, digestive problems, pain through out my whole body, chronic sinus, hormonal problems, and lots of other symptoms. I would love to help you on your journey out of Depression...

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