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Viruses & Bacteria 

Viruses: including Colds, Flu, Epstein-Barr, Warts, Hepatitis, Shingles, Fever Blisters, Genital Herpes

Bacteria: including Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Stomach Ulcers, Bladder Infections, E-coli, Lyme Disease, and Ear, Eye, and Tooth Infections

In the BodyTalk System, a specimen of the clients saliva is placed near the naval, an area rich in nerve endings, to help the body recognise and address microbes.  Saliva is used because it contains information about all viruses and bacteria in the body.  

A healthy reaction to a virus or bacterial infection is fever, in order to burn off microbes.  But, if someone's system is already overwhelmed and does not react with a fever, a microbe may retain latent in the body causing further illness, even autoimmune disorders.

The BodyTalk System re-establishes lines of communication within the body that have been blocked by exposure to viruses, bacteria, and day -to-day stresses that can break down the immune system.  The body's own innate healing ability then mobilizes mechanism to address viruses and/or bacteria, with the correct timing and sequence for each person.



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